Why should I consider outsourcing over recruiting in-house?

Growing businesses often need different skills at different times.  You may not be ready to make that commitment to individuals when your needs may change.  It allows you to reduce/control operating costs, improve focus, gain access to exceptional skills, or free up internal resources for other purposes.

Will it cost me more than recruiting in-house?

This is a tricky one. If you want hire a junior, pay a junior, but expect a capable, experienced professional to run things for you, then yes, you’ll think we’re expensive. Our day rates reflect what we would earn if we were employed full-time, but you only pay for the days you need us for – giving you access to a highly skilled team member for a fraction of the cost. You don’t pay a full-time basic salary plus the overheads you would require to attract our calibre of people. These could include recruitment fees, performance bonuses, NI contributions, company car allowances, health insurance, pension contributions, sick pay, holiday pay, maternity or paternity pay. We also discount for longer term commitment, so please ask about our day rates, we may surprise you!

How is time allocated to our needs?

Whatever amount of time you contract us for in a week we work for you across the whole week so we are always available to you.  So even if it’s one day a week, we will be on hand whenever you need to get in touch, not only on a set day.

Who will be supporting me?

You will always have a single point of contact in a VMM with all the skills necessary to execute against your plan.  When workload dictates, they have access to a small team of experts (at no extra cost to you) who will help ensure you have a seamless service.

Can I have face to face meetings with my Virtual Marketing Manager?

It’s much nicer to meet in person and we’re happy to work from our customers’ premises as it helps us get to know the team and become more self-sufficient.  We also use screen sharing, web conferencing and all manner of other clever gizmos to make it easy to work with us, even if we’re not right there in person.

We already have marketing within our business, how do you work with them?

We act as an extended part of your team.  We can report to them, or we can lead them if required.  Either way, we make it our business to ensure we fit right in and get the job done.

We don’t have anyone responsible for marketing, and I don’t have time to manage outsourced resource. How will you work with me?

You’d expect your internal resource to be self-sufficient and get on with the job in hand.  That’s exactly what we do too.  We work out what’s required, get your buy in and then get on with it.  We are experienced professionals who don’t need hand-holding, but will ask if necessary.

Are there any hidden extras?

You’ll never receive an invoice for something you’re not expecting.  We work out what time’s required to deliver your marketing activities in advance of starting and that’s what we both sign up to.  After that, you only pay for extra things you’ve specifically asked us to do or buy for you – not when it taken us more time to complete than we were expecting.

Is there a minimum contract?

No.  We’re happy to work on a per project basis if required.  However, our clients find that a rolling 3 month contract is often preferable as a minimum as it really allows us to get under the skin of what’s required and add more value that way.  We also offer a reduction in day rates based on volume of days purchased.

Ask us questions?